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New firmware for NEWTON is now available for downloading along with new versions of user manuals. The following is changed for each component:

NEWTON and Dominion software version 1.2.1 (15 June 2019)

Starting from this release the NEWTON and Dominion software will be released and bundled together. There is now also a single user manual for the whole system.
Version 1.2.1 is a bugfix released compared to the previous 1.2.0 major release. Compared to 1.1.0 adds a number of new features and improvements:
  • Changed the default pan drift compensation mode from ”OFF” to ”ADAPTIVE”. It has been identified that the ”ADAPTIVE” mode provides improved performance in almost all cases, so it is a better default setting. If you changed this manually before you should make sure it is set to ”ADAPTIVE
  • A  new self diagnostic and error reporting framework. If you, by bad luck, have any internal faults of your Newton unit it will now show an error code that can help Intuitive Aerial support department localize the error without having to send the unit for service
  • This release includes an experimental feature called ”Motion Record” that allows recording of movements within the Newton and then playing them back for automatic movements. The feature is tagged experimental, due to part at this point it is limited to only movement (no lens control) and lacking in features of a full-featured motion control system and part that it will be changed substantially in future releases. We still encourage you to try it out, and Intuitive Aerial is eager to hear your feedback

The release also contains a number of bug fixes for smaller issues, so we recommend all customers to upgrade when convenient.

FIZC-dongle software 1.0.1 (14 Jan 2019)

• Properly handle switching iris-control on/off for Fujinon and Canon lenses, without having to restart the dongle or lens.

Please see the user manuals for more details on the new features.

Recent features

Motion Record

Zoom Desensitize

Motors Locked mode