We Are Blood is a modern day skateboarding epic featuring Paul Rodriguez and others as they travel the globe pushing the limits of what´s possible on a board while celebrating the unconditional bond created by the simple act of skateboarding.

AERIGON empowered filmmaker Ty Evans to capture spectacular shots for the skateboarding feature film We Are Blood, produced by Brain Farm and Mountain Dew Green Label Films. With the precision and maneuverability of AERIGON, the camera was able to follow the skateboarding action and capture shots that would never have been possible before. By providing a versatile yet stable aerial platform for 5K and 6K digital cameras with pro cinema lenses, the AERIGON UAV is expanding the modern cinematographer’s toolset and the possibilities for visual storytelling.

Brain Farm: http://brainfarmcinema.com
Ty Evans: https://player.vimeo.com/video/144095258?autoplay=1
We Are Blood: http://www.weareblood.com


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