NEWTON stabilized head enabling an unobtrusive and moving remote controlled camera, at the weekly broadcast of the Voice

The 2018 finale, starting with shots from NEWTON sliding in the ceiling.

For the broadcast of the recent Voice of Holland seasons, the compact, high performance NEWTON was integrated with Egripment´s G-track rail system in the TV studio. This combination enabled unique new angles and smooth dolly shots close to the performers without obstructing the view for the onsite audience.

Event / Project

The Voice of Holland, is a Dutch reality TV music talent competition which since 2010 is broadcast weekly on RTL4 with around 2.5 million viewers. Created by Dutch media tycoon John de Mol, who also is behind other international successful shows such as Big Brother and Fear Factor, the Voice has been exported to many countries with the the special premise that talents are selected in blind auditions, where the coaches cannot see, but only hear the auditioner.


Founded in 1976, Egripment has a long experience of a wide range of camera support and remote broadcast solutions to TV productions, concerts and sporting events around the globe. When Talpa Productions, the company behind The Voice of Holland, was looking to provide its viewers with a unique television experience, it turned to Egripment. For the production of the entire seasons, Egripment supplied a “full service” package comprised of a 15-meter-long Moviebird 52 telescopic camera crane, their TDT crane and their G-Track rail system including technicians and operators.

In 2017, the G-Track was installed underneath the stage with a NEWTON stabilized head moving at ground level through a linear gap in the stage floor. In this manner, the technical director got access to a remote controlled and stabilized low angle Grass Valley LDX80 camera with Canon HJ14 lens moving between the artists and the judges.

In 2018, Egripment introduced their G-Track Sky Track to the show and instead mounted NEWTON on the this track dolly, sliding horizontally in the ceiling above the performers. This instead gave the TV viewers a whole new angle of the stage and enabled for example the dancers to create performances best viewed from above.

Philippe Tresfon, Egripment Support Systems, at the 2018 production:

“We use our NEWTONs and G-Track systems on a lot of TV shows and they are a very popular product combination with the Sony P1 and Grass Valley Compact cameras.”

2017, low angle shots from NEWTON sliding on the floor.

Egripment testing NEWTON on their G-Track Sky Track in 2018.

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