Spidercam GmbH is among the world´s biggest providers of cable cam services to live TV broadcast productions such as sports and concerts. The Austrian company started in 2000 and has since then built up a large fleet of 3D cable cam systems, servicing worldwide with additional offices in Germany and USA. Through 4 winches pulling cables, their dollies can fly around big areas and this camera movement has become popular on for example cricket and football.  A few years ago Spidercam did not use 3 axis stabilization on their camera heads but since 2017 Intuitive Aerial is the proud supplier of NEWTON remote stabilized heads to Spidercam´s flagship product lines Spidercam Light & Fielddolly+.

“We evaluated the fiber prototype in live sports broadcast during the product development and we are now integrating the NEWTON S2 Fiber on our flagship product line for 4K broadcast of soccer, motor sports, cricket etc. The capability of providing rock steady shots, even in difficult conditions, and the freedom in maneuvering the camera made NEWTON the right choice for our way forward.“

― Jan Peters, Spidercam GmbH, December 2018.

Fielddolly+ is the bigger dolly system containing more battery power and that can fly faster over wider areas such as cricket pitches. Spidercam Light on the other hand has a smaller and more lightweight dolly, intended for indoor events where a ceiling makes minimizing of cable sag more crucial for height of flying intervals. Spidercam Light has for example been used at the Beyoncé & Jay-Z OTR2 tour, X-factor and MTV Music Video Awards.

Spidercam Light

Spidercam Fielddolly+

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