The discreet NEWTON stabilized head enabling close-up dolly shots of an orchestra, in front of 100,000 spectators

The video starts with a close up and panning dolly shot, stabilized by NEWTON

For the live broadcast of this spectacular concert, MAT – Mad About Technology installed their low-profile telescopic rail system along the stage, with NEWTON stabilizing the moving camera, while being discreet for the audience on-site.

Event / Project

Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn is an annual outdoor concert at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria and is held since 2004 in the early summer. The concert is performed by the Vienna Philharmonic, founded in 1842 and considered to be one of the finest orchestras in the world. The event in the castle gardens draws a crowd of around 100,000 people every year and 80 TV stations around the world are broadcasting the production, from the host-broadcaster ORF.


MAT – Mad About Technology is a German manufacturer of support systems for camera movement in the international film and TV industry. Since the foundation in 1976, the company has developed several renowned rail and tower systems and in 2014, they received an academy awards for technical achievement. MAT also do assignments with their equipment and for the Schönbrunn concert, MAT supplied 2 camera systems for the live broadcast production which used 16 cameras in total.

To capture close up dolly shots of the orchestra, MAT installed a 22 m track alongside the stage, but to make this solution discreet for the on-site audience, the track was laid underneath the stage floor. On the track, MAT mounted a MAT-Lizard Dolly® with a MAT-Towercam XS+®, creating a remote-controlled dolly with a telescopic tower reaching from ground up to eye level of the opera singer Anna Netrebko. With a NEWTON stabilized head holding an Ikegami HDL45e box camera with a canon HD 14×4.3 lens, the whole system enabled stabilized dolly shots in 2 dimensions, while being a very discreet solution for the seated audience.

“We use NEWTON on various dollies, but especially in these kinds of situations since NEWTON delivers stable and smooth footage, while being very small in comparison to other remote stabilized heads”

Andreas Schuler, MAT – Mad About Technology

Fotos: Andreas Schuler, Alfred Pertl & Richard Schuster

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