Intuitive Aerial is a Swedish innovation company that develops high-tech products for stabilization and remote control of moving cameras in the film and television industry. The company primarily addresses rental companies and service providers undertaking assignments within the recording and live broadcasting of motion pictures worldwide.

Intuitive Aerial offers the NEWTON product series – compact gyro stabilized camera heads, and DOMINION which is used for remote control of the company’s products as well as third-party camera systems. The company is also known for the product AERIGON – a film drone that lifts and stabilizes heavy professional cameras. Since 2017, Intuitive Aerial is focusing on the development and sales of the NEWTON series.

With approx. 15 employees, Intuitive Aerial handles all core functions inhouse, such as research and development, manufacturing, sales and support. The firm is headquartered in Linköping, close to the Linköping University and one of Sweden’s leading clusters of tech startups. Intuitive Aerial is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm since January 2015.


Intuitive Aerial was founded in 2011 by the engineer Mårten Svanfeldt and serial entrepreneur Jonas Lindqvist in Linköping, Sweden. Drawing from the local area’s heritage in aerospace technology and inspired by the unrestricted camera movements from computer graphics, the company started out developing aerial rigs for cinema cameras. The ensuing product, the Black Armoured Drone which later became AERIGON®, pioneered in its field as the first turn key heavy lifter for professional film cameras, being the first UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to fly a RED Epic and the high-speed Phantom Flex 4K camera. AERIGON has since then been a successful tool in the international film industry.

Utilizing the camera stabilization technology developed for the AERIGON®, the company in early 2016 introduced the NEWTON® family of remote stabilized heads, which alongside AERIGON is maneuvered through the proprietary DOMINION® remote controller. Following the success of NEWTON in the international TV broadcast industry, Intuitive Aerial has put a greater emphasis on ensuring the reliability that is crucial during live broadcast. This has resulted in that NEWTON now is used by multinational corporations (e.g. Spidercam, NEP) and in the biggest broadcast events in the world (e.g. the Eurovision Song Contest). Looking forward, Intuitive Aerial will continue to strive being the top choice for remote controlled solutions in the broadcast and film industry.


Since the inception, the ambition at Intuitive Aerial is to develop superior products at the forefront of the creative creative film and TV broadcast industry. In this process the co-founder and CTO Mårten Svanfeldt early choose to focus the development on proprietary technology to ensure quality and innovation. At Intuitive Aerial software programmers work side by side with mechanical and electronics engineers in the creation of new technological solutions which make up the core of the robust and advanced products the company has become known for. Through the innovation of for example new automatic control technology, motor design, sensor-fusion algorithms and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), Intuitive Aerial has build its own technological platform from the ground up which now is the foundation of all development. Mårten Svanfeldt has led the groundbreaking progress of the AERIGON cinematic drone and continued to develop the NEWTON head series into a reliable platform for the biggest live broadcast productions in the world.