Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the IAH3 used for?
The Aerigon IAH3 can be used for many applications. The most common scenario is to use it to fly the IAG3 gimbal to perform film and TV aerial shootings.

Q: What material is the body made of?
The body is made out of molded pre-impregmented carbon fibre. Some details are made out of carbon fibre sheets or aluminium.

Q: What is the weight of the helicopter itself?
About 5kg.

Q: What is the flight time?
The short answer: With a standard battery setup of three, between 9 and 15 minutes. With more batteries, up to 20minutes. The long answer: Flight time varies with how much the motors need to work during the flight. Higher the payload, higher altitude, abrupt movements or heavy vertical lifts reduces the flight time.

Q: How high can it fly?
Regulations generally specify a maximum altitude of 120m (400ft). The limitation of the IAH3 is set to about 300m.

Q: How far away from the pilot can it fly?
Regulations generally specify a maximum horizontal distance of 500m from the pilot. If you are operating line-of-sight, this is impractical due to the difficulties of seeing the aircraft orientation in the air. The actual range of the transmitter more than 1km but is usually limited by interference from other radio signals on the 2.4Ghz band. This can be measured using a range check prior to operations.

Q: How fast can it fly?
Up to 70km/hour. We do not recommend planning any shots with higher than 50km/hour to perform a good shot.

Q: How long time does it take to learn how to fly it?
The major challenge is learning the techniques of any remote pilot aircraft system. Our recommendation is to only to use persons with rigid RC/RPAS/UAV experience as pilots of the Aerigon IAH3. They will master it in a few days.

Q: What frequency band does the transmitter use?
It used frequency modulated spread spektrum transmission of 2.4Ghz, this is a license free frequency band.

Q: What happens if the transmission is lost between the pilot and helicopter?
By using GPS it will return to the position where helicopter was powered up. If you are operating in an area without GPS, it will try to remain at its position by attitude stabilization.

Q: Can it be used to fly a pre-programmed route?
The Aerigon IAH3 is intended for manual, line-of-sight operations in its standard configuration. There are customization options to allow the aircraft to navigate according pre-programmed routes for specific scenarios. Please consult our sales representatives for more information.

Q: How long does it take to charge the batteries?

If you charge six 10000mAh batteries simultaneously, it takes about 40 minutes. When operating you will carry several sets of batteries – when one set is finished, you’ll land and change to a new set.


Q: What is the maximum equipment weight that can be loaded?
9kg (20lbs).

Q: What cameras can be used?
You can use cameras like for example the RED Epic, Sony F55, Grass Valley LDX Compact or ARRI Alexa. Basically, you can use any camera you want, as long as the total weight of the equipment is below 9kg and the camera is able to be balanced within the gimbal size limitations.

Q: Does the gimbal come with a camera?
Not as a standard, but our sales representatives are always glad to help.

Q: If I fit a focus/iris motor, how do I control them?
By using that manufacturers standard transmission solution.

Q: How do I power my camera equipment?
The gimbal has three 16V power outputs with LEMO connectors for powering your equipment. Normally there is no need
for adding extra batteries.

Q: How many axis are stabilized?
The Aerigon IAG3 has 3 axis stabilization. Pan, tilt and roll.

Q: Can I get live video from the gimbal?
Yes. As standard a 5.8Ghz analoge video link is mounted for preview purposes. For Digital/HD transmission we recommend for example the Vislink MNTX, Teradek Bolt 2000 or Cobham.

Q: How long does the battery last?
This depends on how much equipment you are plugging in. When using a RED Epic the battery needs to be changed about every third flight, in other words about 40 minutes.

Q: Can I use the IAG3 gimbal separately from the IAH3 helicopter?

Q: How do you control it?
By using the Aerigon IAC3 gimbal control unit or a third party transmitter like a Futaba 14SG or Mo-Sys DroneBar.

Q: I am a pilot, can I control the gimbal myself?
You can achieve this by placing the gimbal in yaw-lock and frame yourself by steering the helicopter. The standard is a two-man operation.

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