Under the Hood of the World’s Premium Cinema Drone

Dependable Helicopter

Temperature monitored brushless motors and ESC thermal cooling provides pilots with precise and reliable control over dual Futaba FASST systems. The triple-redundant power distribution system ensures enough power to safely maneuver, even in emergency situations.

Travel-Friendly Workflow

When packed, the AERIGON fits into two custom Pelican cases that are easy to lug wherever you’re going. Upon arrival assembly takes approximately 15 minutes from in-the-box to ready-to-fly.

Plugin Your Equipment

Attach external equipment to the three attachment points on the gimbal body. With power and video connections built-in you’ll be able to use your favorite downlinks and focus motors.

Heavy-Duty Gimbal

Even as professional cinema and broadcast cameras become smaller and lighter over time, high quality glass will weigh the same as they always have. The AERIGON IAG3 Gimbal is built from the ground up to accommodate heavy payloads. The proprietary Intuitive Aerial stabilization system makes sure you capture a steady shot.

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